They say that for the Italians, pizza is the dish that brings happiness, and for this reason the Miramare’s pizza is not just your average pizza…it’s a truly artisanal creation!


Only the finest ingredients and all the professionalism and expertise of our pizza chefs are brought to bear, to give rise to a pizza that is sure to delight our diners!

Unusual taste combinations, local specialities and  wonderful Italian cheeses come together in a perfect equilibrium of flavours that have what it takes to make the most of every dish.

Every pizza on the menu, even the simplest, embodies the quality of its ingredients, surprising both the eye and the palate.


We offer a full seven different types of dough: “classic”, made using type 01 flour; wholewheat; seven cereals; venere (black) rice; gluten-free; gluten-free venere rice; and gluten-free buckwheat – special doughs to meet the most wide-ranging needs and diverse tastes of each and every guest!